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This auction is started. Bidding will be until september the 17. Dressage Foals will end at 19.15. Jumping Foals will end at 20.15. Auction numbers: Dressage Foals 5200 – Jumping Foals 5210

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Lot 1 I'm Special Energy

(I'm Special de Muze/Forrester/Ramiro Z)

Filly, born 25.05.2020

Lot 2 Juventus

(Jewel Ask/Clearwater S/Quidams Rubin) Colt, born 11.04.2020

Lot 3 Othello F: Damgaard

(Syvhøjgaards Unforgetable S/Hermes D' Authieux/Papillon Rouge)
Filly, born 15.06.2020

Lot 4 Unica

(Uriko/Cosmeo/Diamant de Semilly)
Filly, born 06.04.2020

Lot 5 Kiki-Balou

(Kazan Z/Carnute/Jalisco B)

Filly, born 30.05.2020

Lot 6 Taarupgaards Twister

(Todt un Prince Ask/Calido I/Corrado II)

Filly, born 01.04.2020

Lot 7 Comme tu veux AC

(Comme II Faut/C-Indoctro/Alme' Z)

Filly, born 01.05.2020

Lot 8 Hardy H

(Hardrock Z/Cancara/Calido l)

Colt, born 22.05.2020

Lot 9 Corona F: Damgaard

(Bøgegårdens Zidane/Quinton/Cassini II) Filly, born 14.04.2020

Lot 10 Cayman H.A.P

(Carrera VDL/ Zirocco Blue/ Quaprice Z)

Colt, born 28.06.2020

Lot 11 Ventoux

(Verdi/Cornet Obolensky/Diamant de Semilly)

Colt born 10.04.2020


Lot 1 Granly's Diablo

(D' Avie/Schani/Rambo)

Colt, born 04.04.2020

Lot 2 Delight (Diddi)

(Duke/Mondriann/Rex Magna XX)

Filly, born 28.05.2020

Lot 3 Granly's Jaguar

(Janeiro Platinum/"Uno" Don Diego/Castro)

Colt, born 09.04.2020

Lot 4 Taarupgaards Kolorado

(BH Kingston/BH Schufro Hit/Leandro)

Filly, born 04.05.2020

Lot 5 Flame

(Franklin/BH. Romanov/Gribaldi)

Filly, born 30.05.2020

Lot 6 Granly's Florano

(Fahrenheit GT/BH Don Romantic/Consul)

Colt, born 24.04.2020

Lot 7 Desireé

(Danone I/Fidertanz/Flemmingh)

Filly, born 22.05.2020

Lot 8 Nygaard's Fleetwood

(Finest/Sandro Hit/Comeback II)

Filly, born 03.05.2020

Lot 9 Granly's Zenvo

(BH Zackerey/ Don Kennedy/ Lansiano)

Colt, born 24.05.2020

Lot 10 Viola MT

(Vitalis/ Dante Weltino/ Mid-West Ibi-Light)

Filly, born 18.08.2020

Lot 12 Lajgårdens Musica

(Marc Cain/Landor S/Cicero)

Filly, born 20.05.2020

Lot 11 Plus Horses Jolene 2

(Janeiro Platinum/ Florencio I/ Sandro Song)

Filly, born 09.05.2020

Lot 13 Olympic Dancer

(Olympus/BH Don Schufro/ Cannon Row XX)

Colt, born 17.06.2020

Lot 14 Lajgårdens Menuet

(Millenium/ Benneton Dream/ Stravinsky XX)

Filly, born 30.05.2020

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For more information please contact auction agent Charlotte Schreiber

phone +45 23 39 95 96